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Are you utilizing Heat Maps in analysis of your visitor behavior? Take a look at the following screen shots:


Most large commercial enterprises have successfully used this technology for years to fine tune their websites and understand customer behavior. Now you can get the same functionality and usability free of charge.

We have recently added Heat Maps to our free Real Analytics system and it has instantly become a favourite with our users. You don't need to switch from whatever system you're currently using - You can get these additional tools on top of what you're already familiar with.

Besides Heat Maps, our Real Analytics system does have several key benefits over most solutions:

1. Breakdown of your website's search engine ranking for all keywords in all search engines (look at the far right column in the screenshots below)


2. Specialty Search Engines - supports Google Images, News, Video, etc.
3. Real Time Reports - there's no delay, you see activity on your site as it happens
4. Visitor Session Log - you can view individual visits, their referral data, click path, etc.


5. Your sire will be automatically included in our search engine, here are a couple of sample runs:


Once the tracking system is set up, the system will automatically detect all your website's keywords and include your site in our search engine.

This program is provided free of charge, not some limited time free trial, so you can take advantage of it for as long as you wish. Why free? We have other optional programs that involve payments, and our Real Analytics users are our future potential clients.

Here's how to get started (you don't need a credit card):

1. Create a free account at https://expo-max.com/account/signup/
2. Once you're in the control panel, click Analytics from the menu on the left
3. Click Add Website button under the table and follow instructions

For detailed setup instructions you can refer to our documentation: http://expo-max.com/documentation/analytics/setup/

Once your site is being tracked, it will start appearing in our search results as soon as enough information is gathered, typically 24 hours.

Please let me know how it works out or if you need my help.

Alex Prikhodko

Lead Developer
expo-MAX Inc.

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